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    Fully bulk billing on Medicare items. All patients with valid Medicare DVA/Card are bulk billed  fully for items covered under the Medicare scheme.

    Private Fee applies as follows for patients with no valid Medicare Card:

    Standard consultation $70.0
    Commercial Drivers Assessment$165.00  incl.gst
    Iron Infusion$140.00  incl.gst
    Pre-Employment Medicals$220.00  incl.gst
    Minor Procedure $90.00 incl.gst   ($60 for patients with concession cards)
    Yellow Fever Vaccine $120.00 incl.gst
    Insurance Claims(Fees available on request)
    Police Training Fee (Short Medical)$100.00 incl.gst
    Ambulatory Blood Pressure Machine$100.00 incl.gst ($70 for patients with concession cards)